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Bob Martin Flea Clear Spray

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Bob Martin Flea Clear Spray is a pesticide free spray which helps to control fleas in your home and on your dog or cat. The unique 'sticky trap' in this spray immobilises both fleas and ticks at all life cycle stages. The spray is suitable for use around the home and on your dog or cat's coat.

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Use of pesticide free spray for cats on a puppy

10th Apr 2016

My cats had fleas and I thought I had got rid of them all. We recently also got a puppy who now has cat fleas on her since I didnt manage to get all the fleas off my cats or out my home before the pupoy arrived unfortunately. I have a bob martin pesticide free spray for cats here at home. Can it be used on the puppy? Thank you

  • Non-Executive Director

This spray can be used on dogs. It is very safe, but not very potent. You are unlikely to be able to get rid of fleas completely if you are just using this product. It is good at helping to reduce the numbers but that is all I would expect. To properly control fleas (especially in a household with both a dog and a cat) I would expect you would need to use an insecticide spray around the house (eg Indorex) and also a good spot-on on the animals to kill the fleas (Advantage works very well).

Can u use Flea spray on horses

15th Apr 2015
horse mites

I have been told I can use front line flea spray on my horse so was just wondering if bob Martin spray is the same

  • Non-Executive Director

No sorry they are completely different. You need a spray which contains the active ingredient Fipronil, which is only in a few prescription sprays. (It is included in some spot-on products which can be purchased without a vet's prescription, but they are not appropriate for horses and would be unlikely to work.)