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Blue Chip Feed Balancer Lami-Light

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Blue Chip Feed Balancer Lami-Light may be fed when your pony or horse is confined to his stable or on controlled grazing. It is so palatable that it will encourage very sick animals to keep eating. Ponies and horses confined to their stables for longer periods may become calmer and less stressed.

Add Lami-Light to your horse’s feed to promote:

- Weight Loss
- Coat, Skin & Hooves
- Weight Bearing & Stance
- Health & Wellbeing
- Digestive Health

Each Pellet Contains

Quadruple-action digestive supplement

Combining a probiotic with prebiotic MOS, nucleotides and sepiolite clay creates the optimum conditions for a healthy digestive system. In many cases of laminitis ill effects associated with the condition are a result of acidification in the hindgut, causing the death of bacteria, which decay to release harmful toxins. The digestive supplement helps to balance both the pH levels in the gut and the levels of ‘good bacteria’ to ‘bad bacteria’.


A complete hoof supplement with biotin, methionine, lysine, organic zinc and organic copper for the formation of strong, pliable, good quality hooves. MSM is added as a source of sulphur, essential for the formation of hoof wall material.


A complete respiratory supplement with antioxidants, menthol, eucalyptus and garlic to soothe the airways and maintain lung health and integrity.

Omega 3 and Zinc

Omega 3 and zinc are included to ensure healthy, scurf-free skin and a glossy, gleaming coat.


Selenium, Vitamin C and Vitamin E to aid the ‘mopping up’ of free radicals and promote a healthy immune system. Blue Chip uses naturally sourced, fruit derived Vitamin E, which is 4-6 times more bioavailable than the Vitamin E found in most feed products.


As well as forming a key part of the digestive supplement, nucleotides are essential building blocks of DNA and RNA and are therefore essential to every cell in the body. Nucleotides help support immunity, stamina, cell replication and repair of damaged cells.


Magnesium is included to keep horses and ponies calm and stress free. In addition the digestive supplement will settle the digestive system ensuring horses feel comfortable and relaxed.

Complete vitamin, mineral and nutrient package

This ensures the correct functioning of the metabolic system, central nervous system, immune system, proper growth rates, bone strength and joint health. Blue Chip uses organic/chelated minerals to ensure optimum absorption and effectiveness.

Feeding Guide

Total Daily Allowance Grams / Day 1/2 Mugs / Day
Up to 12.2hh (128cm) 250 1 & a 1/4
12.3hh (130cm) – 14.2hh (148cm) 400 2
Exceeding 14.2hh (148cm) 600 3

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