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Beaphar Top 10 Vitamins are a quality food supplement specially developed to complement your dog or cat's diet. Top 10 contains the essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements that encourage vitality and improve your pet's physical condition. Top 10 also contains essential nutrients which promote optimal and natural development of the bones and teeth of kittens and puppies. Ensuring a glossy coat, superb shine and bright, clear eyes, Top 10 Tablets by Beaphar are an excellent way to boost your pet's nutritional intake without increasing the calories.

Top 10 Cat Supplement Contains taurine, an essential amino acid for cats and required to prevent heart and eye defects from developing. Taurine can be supplied in the diet from meat and especially from sea food. It is absent from plants. It is also partly destroyed by cooking, so a supplement is beneficial for cats which are not on a good quality, complete diet.

Top 10 Dog Supplement In older dogs, Top 10 helps keep pets lively and agile. Top 10 also contains L- Carnitine that has shown in trials to help promote and sustain strong muscles.

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55 Hard to get hold of
Verified Purchase

By on 28 November 2021

These are brilliant, I was recommended to by a friend, now my mother and sister use them for their cats, you can see the difference in their coats, skin, eyes and overall health and wellbeing. Big tablets but just snap in half or quarter, they soon disappear.

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45 Good
Verified Purchase

By on 4 October 2020

Seems to work ok don’t have an issue with my dogs eating in there food either

Customer recommends this product

25 Multivitamins
Verified Purchase

By on 30 May 2020

The first thing I noticed was how big the tablets are. My cat needs to take 2 tablets for his weight. They were too big even when I cut them in half and trying to get him to swallow them was difficult. I can usually give my cat his worming tablets very easily. He is no trouble but to try and give him four halves was impossible. So unfortunately I haven't been able to get him to take them. I am going to persevere

Customer does not recommend this product

55 Great tasty vitamins for my cat
Verified Purchase

By on 31 October 2017

My cat seems happy and healthy with a shiny coat!

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55 loves them!
Verified Purchase

By on 17 August 2017

I give these to my 17yr old cat after his essential thyroid medication and unpalatable piriton tablet (which is to help allergies that came on with this disease and then the medication, instead of more harmful drugs!) He loves these vitamins so the daily sessions finish on a good note!. He really loves the fishy smell of them and has eaten them enthusiastically for over a yr now, so he hasn't gone off them. My cat is something of a connoisseur of good taste, so his endorsement is the reason why I feel compelled to review them. Not sure how beneficial they are as obviously he is aging and ill, but also I started giving him arthritiaid at the same time and recently nutrivit to try and keep his weight up make sure he gets taurine, but these really are certainly an affordable crunchy treat with potential benefits none the less.

Customer recommends this product

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Q & A

Below are some recent questions we've received regarding Beaphar Top 10 Vitamins, including answers from our team.

26 August 2021 at 3:47pm

Can a puppy has this at his 5 months time


Can a puppy has this at his 5 months time as the dry food he ate not contain any vitamins/mineral

  • VioVet Staff

Yes this can be fed to a 5 month old puppy. If your puppy is on a complete branded puppy diet then all their nutritional needs should be met but you can always add a vitamin supplement like this in as well if you wish.

13 February 2021 at 10:31pm

How do you give these your cat?


Are these a tablet that they have to swollow? Or are they tablet that you give to yiur cat, and thet eat and chew them.
Also im planning on putting my cat on a raw food diet, he has food allergies think its chivken. He weighs 4.4kg how many a day will he need. Also my other cat his brother is 3.6kg how many aday will he need. Thank you Amanda

  • VioVet Staff

These tablets can be chewed or crushed into food. The dose is 1 tablet per 2.5kg bodyweight per day, so your 3.6kg cat will need 1+1/2 tabs and your 4.4kg at 2 tabs. This does contain meat and animal deriviatives so unfortunately it is not guaranteed it will not set off an allergy of chicken in origin.

4 June 2019 at 7:00pm

Feeding guide


Please advise number of tablets required per day for a 12kg dog.

  • VioVet Staff


Give 1 tablet per 5kg of bodyweight each day

21 October 2017 at 8:07am

What's in it?

Rosamund Heraud

I'd like to know the vitamines and minerals present and their quantities /kilo of product. Thanks

  • VioVet Staff

Hello Rosamund, thank you for your question,

The vitamin and mineral contents of the tablets are as follows:

Vitamin A 9560 IE/UI/IU; Vitamin D3 1910 IE/UI/IU; Vitamin E 620 IE/UI/IU; Vitamin B1 370 mg; Vitamin B2 770 mg; Vitamin B6 350 mg; Vitamin B12 3200 £g; Pantotheenzuur/Acide pantothenique/ Pantothenic Acid 2100 mg; Niacine/ Niacin 3000 mg; Biotine/ Biotin 80000 ug; L-Carnitine Chloride 17 mg, E2 (Jodium, Iodine, Iode) 1,17 mg, E5 (Mangaan, Manganese, Mangan£se) 5,62 mg.

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