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ACE-High is a special vitamin supplement which has been formulated to provide high levels of vitamins A, C & E, crucial in aiding animals such as fish, birds and reptiles through periods of stress and disease. The enhanced levels of vitamins A,C & E along with smaller quantities of other vitamins and minerals including B1, B2, B6 & B12 have been proven to improve health.

Vitamins A and E are both involved in helping the body resist infection. Vitamin A is essential for healthy mucous membranes such as the mouth, lungs and gut, and vitamin E has been shown to boost the immune mechanism in some species. Vitamin C is used up very quickly by the body when it is under stress and so must be replaced.

Certain bird groups, particularly parrots and Australian finches, have been shown to have a high requirement for vitamin A which is often not met from the diet. Seed eating parrots actually get very little vitamin A, even those getting fruit, carrots and the traditional sources of green foods and rape seed must convert the dietary carotene to vitamin A, a process which may well not be very efficient. Deficiency problems range from poor fertility and hatchability in eggs, to snuffles, pneumonia, and feather plucking in adults,even kidney disease leading to sciatic paralysis. We have found that putting an amount into the palm of a clean hand or on a knife point and blowing it at food, scatters it well and increases palatability. ACE-High contains high levels of vitamins A, C & E.

Large lizards, and chelonia (turtles and tortoise) in particular are known to require extra vitamin A. Runny nose syndrome in chelonia responds in some cases to supplementation with vitamins A, C & E. The classic terrapin problem of swollen eyes and pneumonia is a manifestation of vitamin A deficiency. Poor hatchability in chelonia (and other) eggs is also thought to be linked with vitamin A / E deficiency.

ACE-High should be mixed into food at a rate of 0.1g (1 normal pinch) per kilo of animal being supplemented. For animals receiving complete diets, please consult your veterinary surgeon for advice.

Vitamins A-2530 IU, C-250mg, E-122IU, D3-55IU, K, B1, B2, B6, B12 folic, nicotinic and pantothenic acids, botin choline niacin and minerals CA 9.9mg, P 4.95mg, Na, Fe, K, Co, Mn, Zn, Se, Mg, Cu

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