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Choosing An Ancol Collar/Harness

Whether you are selecting a collar/harness for the first time, seeking a replacement or looking for something that little bit different you will notice that has more than enough choice to help in the confusion. Questions of size, fit, comfort and choice of material are sometimes difficult to answer, especially when faced with the large list of colours and finishes now available. These are some helpful pointers to make selection a little easier!

What size collar/harness do I need?

Ancol have produced a new-collar/harness size guide that helps identify the collar/harness for your dog and it is simple enough to remember when looking for a replacement. The new sizing is 1-10 with 10 being the largest. The conversion chart below will help you recognise the imperial/metric size for each collar. The new sizing is relevant to all types of Ancol collars/harness whether it is made from nylon, leather or an adjustable product.

Muzzle & Harness Sizes

Nylon Harnesses

Harness Size Dog Size (only a guide)
Size 1-2 (Small) Fits 12-16" girth i.e Jack Russell
Size 3-5 (Medium) Fits 16-22" girth i.e Border Terrier
Size 6-8 (Large) Fits 20-25" girth i.e Spaniel
Size 8-9 (Extra Large) Fits 24-31" girth i.e Labrador

Leather Harness

Harness Size Dog Size (only a guide)
Size 0 Fits 16" girth
Size 2 Fits 18" girth
Size 4 Fits 21" girth
Size 6 Fits 25" girth
Size 8 Fits 29" girth
Size 10 Fits 34" girth
Size 12 Fits 39" girth

Car Harnesses

Harness Size Dog Size (only a guide)
Size 1-2 Fits 16"-22" girth
Size 3-5 Fits 20-25" girth
Size 6-8 Fits 24-31" girth
Size 7-9 Fits 38" girth

Mesh Muzzles

Muzzle Size Dog Size (only a guide)
Size 1-2 (Small) i.e Yorkies
Size 2-3 (Small) i.e King Charles Spaniel
Size 3-4 (Medium) i.e Beagle
Size 4-6 (Medium) i.e Labrador
Size 5-6 (Large) i.e Rotweiler
Size 7-8 (Large) i.e Large Rotweiler
Size 8-9 (Extra Large) i.e Great Dane
Size 9+ (Extra Large) i.e Large Great Dane

Collar Sizes

New number











Standard size











New number




Adjustable collar/harness




New number







Check chain







Most collars/harness have sufficient holes to make an adjustment up to 3" so it is normal to expect at least two sizes of collar to be able to fit comfortably. Remember that neck sizes do vary between the sexes and weight of your pet so an accurate measure is always recommended before purchase.

As a general guide the following breeds of dog show the new -collar sizes based on an average size and weight of the mature dog. For crossbreeds choose the type your dog most resembles by size comparison. The highlighted breed is illustrated for easy recognition.

Collar Size1

Bichon Frize, Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Shih Tzu, Yorkshire Terrier

Collar Size 2

Dachshund[miniature], Jack Russell, Pekingese, Poodle [toy]

Collar Size 3

Cairn Terrier, Dachshund, Poodle [miniature], Welsh Corgi

Collar Size 4

Beagle, Cavalier K. Charles, Fox Terrier, Pug, Sheltie, West Highland

Collar Size 5

Cocker Spaniel, Poodle [standard], Saluki, Springer Spaniel

Collar Size 6

Afghan Hound, Airedale Terrier, Border Collie, Boxer, Collie, Dalmatian

Collar Size 7

Basset, Bulldog, Chow Chow, Doberman, Irish/English Setter, Pointer, Weirmarner

Collar Size 8

German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Gordon Setter, Great Dane, Labrador, Old English Sheepdog

Collar Size 9

Bloodhound, Bull Mastiff, Newfoundland, Pyrenean, St. Bernard, Rottweiler

How do I fit the collar/harness?

Do not fasten the collar/harness too tightly. You should be able to place two fingers under the collar/harness when fastened. It is important that your dog feels comfortable when the collar/harness is on, and different collar/harness types suit different breeds of dog. For example a "round" sewn dog collar/harness is particularly good for long- haired breeds of dog, and a soft air-cushion collar useful for older dogs or for ones prone to irritation around the neck area.

What type of collar/harness should I buy?

Ancol make a wide range of collars/harness from high quality bridle leather to ones making a colourful fashion statement! The choice of material and style is left to you - and your pet, but here are some useful guidelines.


Leather is a natural material with a number of benefits. Made well, it looks very smart, is strong and water-repellent, however, if your pet is guilty of constantly chewing, or enjoys swimming, it may be better to invest in a synthetic fibre like nylon.

There are many leather collars/harness and leads on the market but there are very few made to the same quality standards as the Ancol range. Each one is made from the best bridle leather that has a consistent grain and thickness and uses natural vegetable tanning processes. Some inferior products will crack when folded, and split after very little use. The natural oils of a good quality leather provides an excellent water barrier, but if the product is dry and brittle then it will quickly be damaged by the elements and need replacing after a short period of time. Ancol's top of the range is the Timberwolf with soft textured leather, for comfort and durability. It is also specially treated with a water repellent chemical [similar to Scotchguard®] to enhance it's durability in adverse weather conditions.

Leather is commonly used for the production of special lines for certain breeds of dog. The Bull Terrier is one of the most popular examples of beautifully handcrafted leather using a combination of bridle leather with brass decoration made to traditional patterns. Other breeds including Mastiffs, Boxers, Doberman and Rottweillers are favouring this type of collar/harness and lead.

Other unique shaped products are made especially for whippet and greyhound collars.


Ancol has a bright colourful range of blue, red and black nylon and ribbon designs and tartan patterns in the latest fashion styles. Nylon is one of the strongest man made fibres which is colour fast, completely weather proof and very difficult to chew through. They are suitable for most breeds of dogs.

Ancol has four varieties of material to select from. The basic Ancol nylon is made to a high manufacturing standard with brass eyelets, washers and heavy gauge die-cast buckle. There is also a range of softweave, with a soft textured finish designed for the tongue of the buckle to penetrate the fabric in any required position for a comfortable fit.

The Nylon Air -Cushion fabric encapsulates thousands of tiny air pockets giving a remarkable soft cushion effect for the dog and the owner. This new technology is proving very popular for dogs constantly pulling or older pets that welcome the softer feel of the material around its neck. Nylon Ribbon leads offers the benefits of strength with the fashion colours and patterns available on the printed fabrics.


The strongest material with specially welded links making a bright but indestructible system. This type of product can be sold separately as a choke collar, chain collar or combined with leather or nylon as a check chain.

Choke collars are good for training larger dogs to walk to heel without constant pulling or straining at the leash. Used inexpertly this type of collar can cause neck or throat injuries so please take due care when using this collar.

For training purposes the Nylon and check chain collars have a lot of advantages and provid a safeguard to prevent too much pressure being put on the dogs neck. The Ancol chain collar looks very smart with the tongue section finished in bridle leather, and the collar in a choice of two or three row chain.

Adjustable collars/harnesses

These collars/harnesses are usually made from nylon material and as the name suggests can be adjusted for a range of neck sizes, The fixing method is normally a quick release catch and the collars/harnesses are used for convenience when going for a walk or bringing the dog under control.

Reflective collars/harnesses

Usually of nylon construction with a special reflective thread woven into the nylon to reflect light from oncoming traffic. An excellent device for walking the dog safely at night.

Ancol make a range of collars, harnesses, leads and rope leads incorporating this special reflective safety fabric.