Tourists told to say 'neigh' to horse rides in Petra

Wednesday, 27th March 2013

Anyone who's seen Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade will no doubt have fantasised about riding across the desert to the ancient city of Petra, although one animal charity is now urging tourists be more proactive about protecting the local equine population.

Petra is Jordan's most popular tourist attraction, with thousands of foreigners visiting every year from all corners of the globe
to take a ride on a horse or donkey up to the famous gates of the city, which is cut into the side of a cliff.

The Brooke animal charity, which looks out for the welfare of horses, donkeys and mules around the world, now wants visitors to be more responsible by ensuring the animals provided are healthy and in good condition, the Express reports.

Charity spokeswoman Ali Large said: "We are trying to get the tourists to support us and think about the welfare of the animal before they ride it because some of the animals there are in a pretty poor state."