Tough dilemma for New Zealand cat owners

Wednesday, 6th February 2013

Cats, while loveable, are in fact extremely skilled hunters, and re responsible for the loss of huge numbers of birds and rodents around the world.

Now, one economist in New Zealand is calling for cat lovers to think twice before buying a pet, for the sake of the country’s natural wildlife.

Gareth Morgan says the animals are “wiping out our native birds”, which is why he has launched the ‘Cats to Go’ campaign, encouraging animal lovers to consider buying other pets such as dogs instead of felines.

While the problem of predator cats has been noted around the world in recent weeks, the issue appears to be of particular interest in New Zealand, where the feline population is one of the highest in the world in comparison to the human population, with almost one in three households owning a cat and one in five families having more than one cat.