Sticky business for south coast birds

Friday, 1st February 2013

Animal protection agencies and associations are warning residents along the south coast to exercise extreme caution when getting involved with the rescue effort currently underway to help the region's birds, many of which have mysteriously been found covered in an unidentified wax-like substance.

Britain has once again shown itself to be a nation of animal lovers and wildlife protectors, with large numbers of volunteers turning up on beaches in the south-west to help the RSPB rescue operation.

However, RSPB spokesman Grahame Madge is urging volunteers to consider their own safety and that of their pets when visiting the area, saying: "We don't know what this substance is, so our message is for people – especially those taking dogs down to the coastline – to please be careful."

So far around 100 guillemots have been found covered in the strange substance in areas as far apart as Sussex and Cornwall, prompting animal charities to put pressure on the government to do more in the battle against pollution.