Reservoir Dog: Buscemi-faced pet becomes internet sensation

Friday, 22nd February 2013

A dog in Delaware has become a star after pictures posted on the internet revealed his uncanny resemblance to one of Hollywood's most famous faces, Steve Buscemi.

Chuchi the Pekingese-poodle mix - a 'peekapoo' - has been appearing on countless websites and blogs and even in newspapers due to his sour-faced, human-like looks, with viewers around the world agreeing that he really does look like the 'Reservoir Dogs' and 'Broadwalk Empire' actor.

The photo was released by the Faithful Friends Animal Society which looked after Chuchi for eight months last year before he was adopted by local resident Karen Ianutizzi.

And it seems Chuchi has a personality to go with his sullen looks, with Jane Pierntozzi, director of the animal charity, confirming that the dog often behaves like a "grumpy old man".

While most people are only interested in adopting the cutest dogs, it's important to remember that looks aren’t everything. Owning a dog - whether pretty or ugly - can be an extremely rewarding experience, and the affection and loyalty they show is more than skin-deep.