RSPCA calls for greater safety at Grand National

Thursday, 21st February 2013

The racecourse at Aintree is one of the most famous anywhere in the world, and each spring plays host to the much loved Grand National.

The nature of the four-mile steeplechase, which is full of perilous jumps, makes it possible for underdogs to triumph over the favourites by levelling the playing field with a series of potential banana-skins.

However, Gavin Grant, the RSPCA's chief executive, is now calling for changes to be made in order to protect the horses involved, following a number of unfortunate accidents in recent years which have led to some horses being put down.

In particular, Mr Grant has been pressuring the British Horseracing Authority to make certain alterations to the famous Becher's Brook fence, which has been responsible for more deaths than any other part of the track, the Telegraph reports.

In addition, the RSPCA boss is calling for the number of participants to be halved in order to ease congestion in the jumps and prevent accidents.