Pet cruises are all the rage in Singapore

Monday, 4th March 2013

Pet culture is growing all the time in Asia's capital cities, with cat cafes gaining popularity across Korea and 'kitten rooms' being installed in Tokyo's office buildings so that stressed-out workers can take a few minutes to relax with a cute little companion.

Now it seems things are moving on to the next level, after a retired broker set up his own cruise company in Singapore exclusively for animal owners and their furry friends.

Joe Howe started the business last summer and says he has had all sorts of pets on board his 26-foot catamaran, the Global Post Reports.

The boat features its own swimming deck, complete with a set of specially-adapted life jackets for dogs, in order to stop any accidents from occurring if pets end up going overboard.

Mr Howe believes the popularity of the cruise is down to the fact that pet owners are increasingly treating their animals as though they were members of the family, saying: "Young couples are having pets before they have children, it's a stand-in, and at times even a replacement [for children]".