Warwickshire Fox becomes family pet

Tuesday, 29th November 2011

A Warwickshire fox has become a family pet, even going for walks on a collar and lead.

Roxy was rescued by Geoff Grewcock, who runs an animal rescue centre, after she was found tied to metal railings.

He had initially planned to release her into the wild, but found that she was tame and could not hunt for herself, so Mr Grewcock decided to take her in as a pet.

The fox even plays with the family's chickens, allowing them to peck her. She also refuses to eat raw meat.

Roxy lives in a pen in the garden. Mr Grewcock said: "She has dog toys in there and sometimes she teases the dogs by sticking her big rubber bone through the wire and snatching it back when they try to eat it.

"You can stroke her and people in Nuneaton love to make a fuss of her when they see her out walking."