Voldemort look-a-like finds new home

Wednesday, 8th February 2012

A cat that looks remarkably like Voldemort from the Harry Potter series is now happily living in his new home and playing with pet toys.

The white cat, named Charlie, had been at The Blue Cross Southampton rehoming centre for some time due to his unusual appearance.

However, last year on Valentine’s Day, the charity launched an appeal to find him a home.

Sarah Gaden, from Worthing, adopted the 15-year-old. She said: “When I saw him I fell instantly in love with him.

“Despite his unusual looks, everyone adores him. He sits on the windowsill while the kids are walking to school and they all point and stare. He’s also a bit of a celebrity at the local vet's and they all still call him Voldemog.”

She added that she feels lucky to have Charlie because he is fun and is the “most amusing cat”.

Lord Voldemort is the archenemy of Harry Potter. He first appeared in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, which was released in 1997.