Use pet toys to exercise dogs if floods affect your area

Friday, 6th July 2012

Pet toys could be used by people to exercise their dog if it is too wet to take them out for a walk, a charity has said.

Dogs Trust has issued advice for pet owners on how to ensure their pet stays safe during flood warnings.

The Met Office has issued severe weather rainfall alerts for the next three days (July 7th, 8th and 9th). It has warned that the public should be prepared for surface water flooding, an increased likelihood of river flooding and disruption to travel and outdoor activities.

The Blue Cross said: "If the poor weather is disrupting your dog’s routine because you are unable to exercise them, your dog still needs to be kept active and mentally stimulated.

"Try using activity toys such as a Kong filled with food so that they can use up some energy playing and ‘exploring’ for food – as well as being distracted from any unsettling sounds."

If pets are normally kept outside, they should be moved indoors as they will feel frightened and will need reassurance.

People who are affected by floods and need someone to care for their dog for the short term should contact friends or family. If this is not possible, the local authority should be contacted, the charity added.