Use a dog collar and lead if concerned about your pet falling into ice

Wednesday, 15th February 2012

A man was seen stripping down to his underwear to crawl across the frozen River Stour in Essex to save his dog on Sunday (February 12th).

Luckily, the man managed to rescue his pet without coming to harm but the emergency services have condemned him as this is extremely dangerous.

Essex assistant divisional officer Stuart McMillan recently stated that people should not venture onto ice as they could become trapped and come to harm in the freezing cold water.

Chasing dogs onto the ice is the most common way of people falling into the ice, while dogs will usually make it off the ice safely, he added.

Pet owners concerned that this may happen to them may like to use a dog collar and lead while taking their pet for a walk to ensure they don't run onto ice.

A spokeswoman for the Kennel Club gave some advice about what to do if this ever happens.

She said: "In this situation, we would recommend that any dog owner calls for professional help, such as the fire service.

"As a responsible dog owner people should always look out for the health and welfare of their dog but not to the detriment of their own safety."