St Bernard finds fame as motorbike fan

Friday, 4th November 2011

One St Bernard from Peterborough has shunned the traditional dog toys in favour of a more adventurous pastime.

Harley, who is 17 months old, has been motor biking with his owner Alan Valkeith for the last four months and even has his own crash helmet.

The dog sits in the sidecar of Mr Valkeith's Honda motorbike. The polystyrene inside the helmet was remoulded to fit the animal’s head.

"As soon as I make a move to go in the garage, he's there, wanting to get in the bike," he said.

"I was surprised how well Harley took to the helmet. Whether he realised we were wearing crash helmets, I don't know. I’m not sure how dogs’ minds work."

Mr Valkeith added that Harley is always getting his picture taken and many people can't believe what they are seeing.

As well as the helmet, Harley also has a pair of goggles that help to protect from the sun.