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Skateboarding pooch's owner fined

Wednesday, 11th May 2011

An owner from Brighton has been fined after his skateboarding pooch caused an accident.

Jonathan Fell was fined £80 for not keeping his Lakeland Terrier, Bodhi, on its dog collar and lead.

The pup found fame on YouTube and Britain's Got Talent because of his abilities on a skateboard.

However, after someone tripped over the skateboard, Bodhi's owner got in trouble.

Mr Fell said: "Bodhi is always under control. He loves skateboarding and is not a criminal.

"It's something that makes people laugh. I never trained him to skateboard, it's just what he loves to do."

A spokesperson for the council said that although Bodhi's antics are amusing, the council has a legal duty to act when people get hurt.

Another dog that found fame on YouTube was Norman, a Briard who loves to scooter.

The pup's talent gained so many views that it earned him a spot on the David Letterman show in the US.