Shropshire owners 'must deal with problems that cause dog barking'

Tuesday, 11th October 2011

The Shropshire Council is asking owners to resolve any issues that may cause their dog to bark.

Owners across Shropshire may want to think about getting a dog toy or two to distract their animals from barking as the council is clamping down on noisy animals.

Shropshire Council’s neighbourhood pollution team recently won a court case that means owners have to resolve any issues that causes their dog to bark repeatedly and cause distress to others.

Councillor Steve Charmley, cabinet member with responsibility for environmental health, said: "Excessive noise can cause disruption and distress, having a significant impact on people's lives.

"Often people do not realise that their dogs may be causing a noise nuisance as the dogs can bark when the owners are out at work, but simple measures can be taken to prevent the problems this causes."

The council added that there are a number of things owners can do to distract a dog from barking. This includes plenty of exercise, dog toys and leaving a radio on during the day at a low level.