Sheep enjoys dogs lifestyle in Hampshire

Friday, 2nd March 2012

A sheep in Hampshire has become a domestic pet and even gets taken for walks on a dog collar and lead.

Guinness was hand reared by Katie Burton, 36, after its mother died in birth and now the animal, which traditionally lives on a farm, goes everywhere with its owner, including the pub and the local shops, reports the Daily Mail.

Ms Burton explained that sheep farmers normally do not have time to take care of orphaned lambs so she took him in as she thought it would be nice to have a sheep around.

She told the news provider: "I run a livery yard and I thought it would be one way of getting horses used to sheep.

"Lots of horses are absolutely terrified of them but no-one can be scared of Guinness when he wanders past without a care in the world."

Guinness has even become good friends with Ms Burton's dog, Bonnie, and will wander around the kitchen in search of snacks like many other traditional pets.