Schnauzer cross makes 7-year-old cancer sufferer happy

Wednesday, 23rd November 2011

A seven-year-old cancer sufferer is looking forward to taking her new pet out on its dog collar and lead.

Madison Allen was diagnosed with cancer when she was just ten months old and it has now spread to her skull, reports the Lancashire Telegraph.

One of her wishes was to have a pet dog, so when her parents learned her condition had worsened, they got a Schnauzer-Bichon Frize cross puppy named Oscar.

Madison’s mother, Samantha, told the news provider: "She's wanted one for so long and we've been putting it off and off, but now with the news about her head, I decided we shouldn't put it off any longer.

"She likes him but she's a bit wary at the moment because he likes nibbling everything."

Ms Allen added that her daughter is having blood tests at the moment and that once this is finished, she will be able to walk her new pet dog.

The Madison Allen appeal was set up by Ms Allen in order to raise £250,000 for the treatment her daughter needs. So far almost £100,000 has been raised.