Russian tycoon sparks nationwide hunt for dog napped pup

Wednesday, 7th September 2011

A Russian tycoon is so desperate to go back to feeding his pooch dog food and spoiling it with dog toys, he has sparked a nationwide hunt for the missing mutt.

Stanislav Rybchinsky's Russian Toy Terrier, Terry, was dog napped in the middle of August while he and his family were out sightseeing on holiday in Italy.

His 21-year-old daughter Yana Rybchinskaya is quoted by the Daily Telegraph as saying: "We were very upset. For my mother, he was like a member of the family who was always kind and never barked at anyone.

"It is a small dog, it is quite expensive, and it is quite rare and very sought after."

The family contacted the Italian police and urged Russian diplomats to put pressure on authorities to help find the pooch.

According to the news provider, a reward of 10,000 euros (£8,788) has been offered to anyone who successfully recovers Terry.