Regularly replenish pet shampoo supplies, urges vet

Friday, 4th February 2011

Animal owners should regularly update their pet shampoo in order to prevent the onset of health issues, it has been claimed.

Patty Khuly, a US-based vet, expressed her belief that most healthy pets will only need a simple shampoo although there are certain considerations to take into account when purchasing the products.

Writing for USA Today, she said: "The only advice you should adhere to is to stick to the high quality brands - most supermarket brands are harsh and degrade in quality soon after opening.

"Some dogs and cats may even suffer severe skin reactions after bathing with months-old shampoo, so replenish your stash every four months, just in case."

Ms Khuly added that owners will only be required to bathe their dog around once or twice a month, although some terriers and dogs with wiry coats could go longer between baths.

Dogs with delicate skin, such as puppies and geriatric dogs, should be washed with a non-detergent-based shampoos, she stated.