Purrfect on the catwalk

Tuesday, 2nd October 2012

Cats are clawing their way into the world of fashion, according to one blogger.

Writing for Huffington Post's blog, Kimberley Couzins recently outlined the growing trend for felines influencing designer clothing, dubbing our furry friends 'fashion's new muses'.

Certainly many owners will be familiar with the rise of designer clothes for cats in recent years, but now they're returning the favour – the writer reports that the fall 2012 issue of V even includes a spread featuring Karl Lagerfield's cat, Choupette.

In addition, Vanity Fair recently claimed the blue colour of Choupette's eyes provided the inspiration for an entire Chanel collection.

Ms Couzins also suggests the popularity of cats could be boosted by a new wave of fashionable owners such as Kim Kardashian.

There's also a broader personality parallel between felines and fashionistas, V magazine's Sarah Christobal stating funky but fickle cats "do match the fashion set – they're beautiful and graceful but also kind of finicky".

Owners looking to capitalise on the rise of feline fashion might wish to purchase suitable accessories such as our cat ceramic bowl.