Puppy abandoned with sad note finds happy new home

Tuesday, 11th September 2012

A Lurcher puppy who was abandoned with a heartbreaking note from her previous owner has found a loving new home.

The dog, who was named Gypsy, was found outside the Blue Cross’ Tiverton rehoming centre with dog food, water and pet toys alongside a message apologising for having to give up the animal.

It said: "I'm so sorry for this, her name is Gypsy 16 weeks old. Wormed and flead, all her jabs. I love you Gypsy, I’m sorry. Please don't put her down."

Now, the bubbly and affectionate puppy has been taken on by a new family.

Sarah Bussell, centre manager, explained that Gypsy is a very sweet dog who had clearly been very well looked after.

"[Gypsy] is just one of many much-loved animals who have ended up with us when their owners can no longer keep them."

She added that, often, people abandon their pets because they cannot afford to look after them anymore. 

The Blue Cross encourages people who are struggling to look after their pet to take them to an animal rescue centre rather than abandoning them.