Poultry pin-ups: Rooster calendar to help hens lay better eggs

Monday, 10th December 2012

It's that time of year when Britain's hens swoon over Mel Gibson in Chicken Run – but they could be in for a double treat this Christmas as a new calendar featuring the nation's most handsome roosters is set to be distributed to farms around the country.

Speaking on behalf of the Happy Egg Company, Jean-Paul Michalski said the calendar was produced after recent research suggested that hens tend to act calmer in the presence of roosters.

The project was subsequently designed in an effort help cheer up Britain's lonely chickens, in the hope that this would make them lay higher quality eggs.

The company will now be giving away 1,000 copies of the calendar via its Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Meanwhile, a new 'Maverick Meerkats' calendar is also set to go on sale, featuring computer-generated images of the little scamps taking on all sorts of high octane challenges – including bungee jumping, surfing, base-jumping and snowboarding.

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