Pets should have a chance to 'get used to' dog jackets

Tuesday, 18th January 2011

Dogs should be given a chance to get used to any clothes before they go outside, it has been claimed.

Marc Morrone, a renowned pet expert and host of the TV show Petkeeping with Marc Morrone, expressed his belief that animals need to adjust to any outdoor ware before going outside.

He told Health News Digest: "When fitting dogs with boots and sweaters, make sure to practice inside your home first.

"If your pets aren't comfortable walking around the house in their gear, they will not be comfortable in the outdoors."

Mr Morrone added that, as animals fur can often shed during the winter months, pet owners should use a specialist pet brush to keep their coat in good condition.

Furthermore, raw flaxseed oil should be added to pet food to help negate the effects of dry skin, he claimed.

Mr Morrone has penned a number of books on pet keeping including Ask The Dog Keeper, Ask The Cat Keeper and Ask The Fish Keeper.