Pets 'more likely' to go missing in the summer than winter

Tuesday, 26th June 2012

Pets are almost 25 per cent more likely to go missing in the summer than the winter, a new survey has revealed.

Petlog, a lost and found pet database run by the Kennel Club, found that since 2,000, some 20,000 more pets were reported missing in the summer in comparison to winter.

Last year, 3,000 more pets went missing during June, July and August compared with December, January and February, which represents a 29 per cent increase.

Celia Walsom, Petlog Executive said: “It is worrying that so many more pets go missing in summer rather than winter, which is why it really is vital that pet owners take action now and make sure that if their pet goes missing they have done everything they can to find them again."

She added that it is important to get pets microchipped and that contact details are always kept up-to-date.

This survey comes at the end of National Microchipping Month, which is held every year to raise awareness of the importance of microchipping your pets.