Pet owners splashing out on pet treats this Valentine's Day

Tuesday, 14th February 2012

Pet owners have splashed out on luxury dog beds, cat scratch posts and other treats for their animals to the sum of £41 million for Valentine's Day.

A report by Co-Operative Pet Insurance found that pet owners have spent an average of £15.82 on presents for their dogs and cats on this romantic day.

The top gift is flowers, followed by food treats, chocolate, clothes and new accessories, such as a dog collar and lead.

Lee Mooney, head of pet insurance at Co-operative Insurance, said: "The survey has clearly shown that pets are going to be extremely spoiled this Valentine's Day and in some cases have more spent on them than their owner's significant other.

"However we would urge pet owners who are buying their pets presents to think carefully about what they buy."

Flowers and chocolate can cause allergies and be harmful to pets if they are eaten, he added.

Instead, animal-specific treats such as chews or gourmet pet food are more suitable for dogs and cats on any occasion.

A recent study by found that 25 per cent of pet owners have treated their animals this Valentine's Day.