Pet carriers are the 'main way' to protect travelling animals

Monday, 17th January 2011

Pet carriers are the main way to protect animals from harm while they are travelling, it has been claimed.

Steven Spitz, a US- based pet expert and chief executive of New York firm Big Apple Pet Supply, claimed animals are often at risk when driving in a car.

He said: "The main way to protect your pet and yourself in a car is with a crate, travel harness, booster and car seats or pet barriers.

"Your pet cannot protect itself from injury while riding in a car; it is up to us as pet owners to protect them."

Recent research by the Travel Association of America has revealed that around 29 million dog owners in the US take their dogs on car journeys, but only 20 per cent of these use dog safety restraints.

According to US-based leisure travel company AAA, over 30,000 accidents a year are caused by animals riding in the front seat of the car.