Pet boots are 'best' for the winter

Wednesday, 2nd February 2011

UK consumers have been advised to purchase pet boots for their animals during the winter.

Steve Dale, writing for the Montreal Gazette, claimed that boots are the best way for owners to protect their animal's feet, although there may be certain obstacles to overcome.

He said: "Booties do work best, but desensitising your pooch might take some effort. Try Velcro booties (easier than ties or straps in many cases). For the first few weeks, just deal with the booties indoors."

Mr Dale added that consumers should attempt to encourage their pets to wear boots by offering them a treat every time they see them.

The boots can then be slid on to their feet during dinner in order to associate them with a positive experience.

He said: "Once she accepts the booties indoors, there should be no problem outside. Some dogs figure out pretty quickly that by wearing the booties, their paws don't sting."