Pensioner branded hero for saving dogs from fire

Monday, 1st August 2011

Although they may be in need of some new dog chew toys, three pooches from Sutton have had a lucky escape after being rescued from their burning house.

Pensioner Pam Walton risked her own safety to rescue her neighbour's dogs, Lucky, Molly and Red, while another neighbour raised the alarm, reports

She checked the house for any occupants and then led the three dogs to safety, passing the eldest pooch out first and then tending to the next two.

Ms Walton told the news provider: "It was awful - I could hardly see but I was not scared at the time. I just wanted to know everybody was safe.

"The firemen said I did well but it was silly going in. I could not just stand and see animals suffer.

"The local kids have named me Fireman Pam."

Angie Skelton, whose house was on fire, added that Ms Walton is a hero and that the situation could have been much worse as "your pets are your family".