Pearly whites: Create a regular routine for your pet's dental care

Monday, 8th April 2013

We all know about the importance of brushing our teeth twice a day but pet owners should also be aware that regular dental care is necessary for their dog or cat.

The veterinary team from Beattie Pet Hospital in Stoney Creek, Ontario explained that dental cleaning by a vet, alongside at-home brushing and dog chew toys can minimise the risk of bacterial infections, tooth loss and gum disease.

Despite the fact that the majority of older cats and dogs are affected by periodontal disease, many pet owners are unaware of the prevalence of dental disease among pets, Stoney Creek's veterinary team pointed out.

To prevent serious oral complications further down the line, they recommend that owners include regular oral care in their pet's overall health routine.

The veterinary team noted: "Regular brushing and dental exams are essential to protecting a pet's health. We recommend that all pets receive a dental cleaning every year."