Paralysed moggy could soon be using cat scratch posts following hydrotherapy

Friday, 24th June 2011

Mog, a grey tabby, may soon be able to use his cat scratch posts for the first time since he was paralysed in a hit-and-run incident in February.

That is because the cat has been learning to walk again through a series of swimming lessons, reports the Daily Mail.

The feline lost the use of his front two legs through nerve damage but can now bear weight on them after ten swimming lessons.

Owner Veronica Ashworth enrolled the one-year-old tabby into hydrotherapy following the advice of a local vet.

She told the news provider: "I know it's quite unusual for cats to swim but he's such a character.

"Most cats do anything to avoid water, but he seems to really like swimming in the pool. He takes it quite seriously."

Mog meows loudly as he manoeuvres around the pool by doing a funny sort of doggy paddle.

Hopefully, the feline will soon be able to use his cat scratching post again.

Hydrotherapy involves the use of water for pain-relief and treating illness, although teaching a cat how to walk again is one of its more unusual uses.