Owning a dog has 'measurable impact' on fitness

Tuesday, 15th March 2011

Although most dog owners would say putting on their pooches dog collar and lead and taking them for a long walk is a pleasure, it is also improving their fitness.

Dr Matthew Reeves, from Michigan State University, explained that owning and walking a dog has a "measurable impact" upon a person's health, reports the Daily Mail.

He told the news provider: "Walking is the most accessible form of physical activity available to people. So health campaigns promoting ownership of a dog and dog walking may be a logical way to increase physical activity."

However, Dr Reeves also stated that people who own dogs are more physically active than those who do not in general.

"There appears to be a strong link between owning and walking a dog and achieving higher levels of physical activity, even after accounting for the actual dog walking," he added.

According to research by insurance firm esure found that the average dog owner walks them 36 miles every week.