Owners to have code of conduct when walking their dog?

Friday, 18th February 2011

Professional dog walkers may soon have to abide by a new code of conduct before strapping on their pooch's dog collar and lead and taking them out for a walk.

Steph Drake, a professional dog walker from Hertfordshire, has launched a campaign to have new guidelines put in place for people walking their dogs, reports Pet Product Marketing magazine.

Ms Drake is seeking to eradicate some of the bad habits dog walkers have, such as not have third party insurance and walking too many dogs at once.

She told the news provider: "People see dog walking as a quick buck rather than a professional occupation which requires proper qualifications, relevant experience, and the correct insurance and a police check in place.

"As a dog owner you can be held legally liable for the actions of your pet. Should your dog stray and cause a road traffic accident, you could be held liable."

The National Association of Registered Petsitters estimates that 750,000 UK households use a dog walker or pet-sitter.