Newspapers needed to take care of cats and kittens

Thursday, 30th August 2012

Local people are being asked to donate their old newspapers to the Scottish SPCA's Dunbartonshire and West Scotland Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre to help look after its cats and kittens.

The charity is currently looking after 55 cats and 30 other small pets and it needs newspaper to use as bedding and to line litter trays.

Nicola Greer, care assistant manager, said: "Our supply is running low at the moment which is mainly due to the high volume of animals coming into our care, although we have noticed that people aren't handing in newspapers as often as they used to."

She added that local people are very generous in their donations and anyone bringing in newspapers is very welcome to have a look around the centre.

Last year, the rehoming centre cared for over 1,000 animals and this year is looking to be just as busy.

People can hand in newspapers to the charity's centre, which is located on Dumbarton Road in Milton, every day of the week between 10am and 4pm.