New pet-mobile stops parrot from driving owners insane

Wednesday, 16th January 2013

An animal shelter in New Zealand recently gained international fame after teaching some of its dogs to drive, but the achievement may have now been outdone after a pet owner in Florida, USA, custom built a brand new beak-operated vehicle for his parrot.

Pepper the African grey parrot has apparently had no trouble picking up the controls and is now able to steer the car around the house by moving a joystick with his beak, according to his owner, Andrew Gray.

Mr Gray came up with the idea after noticing that Pepper was happier when around humans, and would often squawk uncontrollably when left alone.

The new gadget now allows the parrot to follow his owner around the house, and has resulted in a significant reduction in noise levels in the Gray residence, ABC News reports.

While electronic toys may not be appreciated by all pets, owners wishing to treat their animals might want to consider classic items such as dog chew toys and cat scratch posts.