Never leave a dog in a hot car, charity warns

Tuesday, 19th April 2011

Owners should make sure they do not leave their pup in a hot car as the temperatures in the UK begin to climb.

It may also be a good idea to invest in a ceramic dog bowl, as the RSPCA has said that owners should make sure their pooch has a good supply of drinking water in a weighted bowl so it cannot be knocked over.

Temperatures this week are set to soar, with London and the south-east predicted to reach 25 degrees Celsius this weekend.

As it is also a bank holiday, many people may be planning to go away, so if they are taking their dog, they should ensure the destination is dog friendly.

The RSPCA has revealed that when it is 22 degrees Celsius outside, it can reach 47 degrees in a car within an hour.

It warns that dogs can die in hot cars, so is reminding owners to ensure they do not leave their dog in the car over the coming warm days.

The charity also asks that people phone the police if they see a dog left in a car on a warm day.