Must-have pet products for the winter months

Wednesday, 21st November 2012

Pets suffer from the same winter troubles us humans do, but their winter needs can often be overlooked.

Charlotte Reed of ZooToo has recommended some must-have pet products for the winter months. Taking a bit of extra care now will ensure pets are kept safe, warm and healthy throughout the rest of the year, ultimately mitigating the charges of extra care at a later date.

Staying safe in the dark is a primary concern, and owners should look into safety harnesses and leash covers which will keep your pet visible when out on a walk. It is also really important to keep pets dry, with an abundance of rainy weather likely to lead to illnesses.

Parasites are particularly prevalent in the winter months and pet medication should be in stock. Managing arthritis is also important, so adding supplements such as glucosamine for dogs will help keep bones in good shape.