Motorists taunts owner after mowing down his Yorkshire Terrier

Friday, 21st October 2011

A Yorkshire Terrier had to be put down after slipping out of his dog collar and lead and running into traffic, after which a motorist ran him over and taunted the owner.

Murray Shand was walking his dog, nine-year-old Hamish, in Forfar when he came out of his collar and ran in front of stationary traffic that was queuing by a set of lights.

However, a van driver at the front of the queue ran the animal over and shouted ''get that dog on a leash''.

Hamish was taken to a vet but he had a perforated bladder, so the family took the decision to have him put down.

Mr Shard’s wife, Nicola, said: ''[It was] the hardest decision I've ever had to make. Hamish slipped his lead but the traffic was stopped. He was standing in the middle of the road but that driver just went into him.''

She also took the opportunity to thank a pedestrian who had stopped to help her husband after the incident, which took place on September 22nd.