Mario Balotelli planning to take pooch on FA Cup bus parade

Monday, 23rd May 2011

Footballer Mario Balotelli has revealed that he is planning to strap on his pooch's dog collar and lead and take it on the FA Cup bus parade.

The Manchester City striker has said he plans to take his beloved Labrador Lucky on the FA Cup bus parade, which is taking place in the city today (May 23rd), reports the Daily Mirror.

Balotelli has been waiting for the past six months to bring his pooch over from Italy because of quarantine issues.

Despite visiting a rescue centre to see if he could find another dog to replace his pooch, the 20-year-old decided to wait until Lucky was out of quarantine.

He told the news provider: "I went only once, but I couldn't take one home.

"I love Lucky too much and it wouldn't be fair when he finally comes over."

Balotelli moved from Inter Milan in a £24 million move, agreed between the two teams on August 12th 2010.