Lost cat reunited with owner thanks to microchip

Friday, 15th April 2011

Owners out there who invest in cat scratch posts and buy high quality cat food may want to think about getting their kitty microchipped.

Essie, a four-year-old cat from Norwich, went missing at the end of March and turned up two weeks later in Peterborough.

Kathy Hornig, the animal welfare officer at the RSPCA who collected Essie, was concerned about her and took her to the vet.

After being examined, it tuned out that Essie had been microchipped, and her owner Linda Mortimer was contacted straight away.

Ms Mortimer said: "I was so relieved when I received the call to say she had been found safe, the children were so pleased.

"Essie was originally picked up as a stray in London and rescued by the RSPCA. She was rehomed, but she kept going missing from her new owner's home and came to us a couple of times, so in the end we decided to take her on."

The RSPCA strongly recommends owners to microchip their pets as it is the most reliable way of tracing an animal if they go missing or are stolen.