Liverpool pooch gives blood to save other dog's life

Wednesday, 22nd June 2011

A dog from Liverpool may be in store for some new dog toys after giving blood to save another pooch's life.

Max, a cross Labrador and Retriever, saved the life of Staffordshire Bull Terrier Sam, who was suffering from a stomach ulcer and was bleeding.

Lillian Ryall-Harvey, Max's owner explained that she was called by the local vet to ask if she would let her pooch undergo a blood transfusion to save Sam's life.

Vet Kate Sharpe carried out the transfusion at Seaview Veterinary Clinic.

She told the Liverpool Echo: "It happens from time to time unfortunately during some emergencies.

"We do not keep blood on site, which is why we ring people when it is required. In this case, Max had never had a transfusion.

"For the procedure, we required a healthy dog we were familiar with who had never given a transfusion or received one."

Ms Ryall-Harvey revealed that when Max woke up, he was hungry for dog food and then took himself off for a rest.