Lincoln man targets antisocial dog owners

Thursday, 7th April 2011

A man in Lincoln is keeping a close eye on people who have a dog collar and lead as he is looking to stop owners from not cleaning up after their dog mess.

The 'Pooperman' has been leaving notes on offending piles of mess, saying things such as "don't leave it" and "you might be the one who steps in it the next time you walk this way".

Remaining anonymous, the Pooperman's patch runs between Boultham Park Road and the St Catherines area of the city.

Tony Garner, the City of Lincoln Council's environmental enforcement officer, told the Lincolnshire Echo: "We're really pleased people in Lincoln are supporting our efforts to reduce the amount of dog mess left on the city's streets, but we would prefer people not to add to the littering problem by leaving notes for dog owners."

He suggested that people can help by observing dog owners to ensure they clean up after their dog and asking them to do so if they leave the mess.