Lily Allen reveals plans to show her new pup

Thursday, 24th March 2011

Lily Allen will be in need of a dog collar and lead after getting a new puppy.

The songstress took to her Twitter account to show off her new pooch, showing a picture of the pup sleeping in her lap.

She tweeted: "I got a ten-week-old Irish Wolfhound puppy yesterday, his name is Dermot.

"He is very beautiful, thinking about 'showing' him. Just so I can do that funny jog, while facing and smiling at the judges."

Should Allen decide to show her new pup, she may want to invest in a high-quality dog collar and lead with which to do so.

Later in the day the 25-year-old offered fans an update, revealing that Dermot scratched her face.

Allen's new addition means that she will now have to buy dog food for two pooches as she already has an English Bull Terrier named Maggie May.

Irish Wolfhounds are the tallest of all of the breeds of dog.