Kennel Club introduces new prize for best breeder

Friday, 13th July 2012

The Kennel Club has introduced another incentive for people to win the Breeders’ Competition.

Breeders who get 75 points or more in the annual competition will receive a free bottle of champagne.

The competition is run in association with Our Dogs and is supported by Agira Pet Insurance. Points can be gained by getting a record book from the Kennel Club or at Championship shows.

Breeders must then enter the competition at these shows by having three or four dogs they breed entered.

Averil Cawthera-Purdy, a Pomeranian breeder, won the competition at this year’s Crufts and has become the first person to reach 75 points in this year’s event.

She said: "I am thrilled to be the first breeder to reach 75 points … and was delighted to be given a bottle of champagne to mark the occasion.

"The competition gives you another chance to show your dogs off to advantage and I would encourage other breeders to enter, as it is a fun and competitive addition to Championship Shows."

The Breeders’ Competition was launched in 2009 to give breeders the chance to showcase their skill and knowledge as a breeder.