It’s easy to forget cats are predators, expert says

Tuesday, 10th January 2012

Cat owners should make sure their animal has plenty of pet toys to play with so they don't build up too much energy or aggression, as people often forget that they are "powerful predators", an expert has said.

Dr Pete Wedderburn, a vet writing for the Daily Telegraph, explained that cats are naturally aggressive so should have toys to play with.

He was asked what to do by a reader who was worried that her cat was developing an aggressive streak. They said the cat will be petted for a short time but then attacks, and will often swipe at people’s legs as they pass him.

Dr Wedderburn wrote: "Use chase and catch toys, keeping your own flesh well out of reach. Keep a diary of the attack episodes to see if you can work out what prompts them.

"You may also detect a similar pattern to his walk-by attacks. You should learn to avoid him at these times."

He said it is also a good idea to tempt him with something else as you walk by, such as a feather wand toy.