In the doghouse: St Bernard's kennel is Britain's best

Friday, 1st February 2013

They may be famed for their mountain rescue adventures, but one St Bernard in Derbyshire is likely to be spending less time in the great outdoors and more time snuggled up at home after his owner built him a kennel fit for a king.

Julian Kite reportedly spent 84 hours constructing an exact replica of his own home, complete with carpets, skirting boards and ripped glass windows, for his two-year-old dog Wellington to live in, according to the Evening Standard.

In recognition of his efforts, Mr Kite's doggy mansion was crowned Pet Pad of the Year for 2012 by a panel of judges that included TV presenter Dawn O’Porter and TV vet Marc Abrahams.

A spokesperson for the competition commented: "The UK is a nation of dog and cat lovers and this competition shows the great lengths that many owners go to."

Exactly who will be responsible for hoovering the carpet in Wellington's new home is not yet clear, although we have a sneaking suspicion it won't be the dog.