Ignoring puppy training is like not educating your child

Tuesday, 30th October 2012

Failing to give your puppy training is the equivalent of not educating your child until it's 17, according to one dog expert

Jez Rose, canine behaviour specialist, explained that puppies go through what is referred to as the critical socialisation period, until around 13 weeks of age, during which owners should expose them to as many things as possible.

The dog's "behaviour blueprint" is laid down at this time, determining what dogs will be accustomed to for the rest of its life.

"If it doesn't see certain things like buses or men with beards or women with big hair by 13 weeks of age, it's going to be more scared of those things in later life," the expert stated.

Mr Rose suggested incorporating play into a training routine, through teaching your pooch fun tricks.

"Running away from your dog and having them chase you is the best way to teach a dog to come back to you when you call them. It's the opposite of what most people think to do," he expanded.

Dog training games and toys could be useful tools for developing good behaviour in your pet.