Hearing dog leads owner to future wife

Monday, 13th August 2012

A hearing dog became more than man’s best friend after introducing his owner to his future wife.

Simon Moore, who was born with Treacher Collins Syndrome leaving him severely deaf, was out with his pet Foggy when they bumped into Vicky Royall.

Before getting the dog from Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, Mr Moore had shied away from social situations.

Ms Royall told eveningnews24.co.uk: "I saw Foggy come trotting in first, and Simon came behind him. I went up to him, first to ask about Foggy, and then to find out everything about Simon.

"He is a great character and he is so much help to Simon."

Foggy acted as ring bearer at the couple’s wedding and he looked the part, wearing a waistcoat and satin tie.

Mr Moore added that Foggy probably did not know what was going on but that he did a fantastic job at the ceremony.

Last year, Foggy won an award for the help he provided Mr Moore. The dog won the life-changing partnership accolade at the Specsavers Hearing Dog Awards, which celebrates dogs that transform their owner's lives.